The History of Vaccines offers standards-based resources for use in biology and health courses. The content is targeted to high school students but can be adapted for use in middle schools and college settings.

Online Activities


  • How Vaccines Work

    In this simulation, students learn about the human immune system’s response to vaccination. After viewing the simulation, they demonstrate what they learned by sequencing and labeling the steps in the process.
  • The Scientific Method

    This activity immerses students in a disease outbreak. They apply the scientific method in an epidemiological setting to pinpoint the source of the illness.

  • Timelines

    Multimedia timelines on disease and vaccines, immunization pioneers, scientific breakthroughs, and social issues show the sweeping history of vaccination.

  • Articles

    Students can explore articles on a variety of scientific and historical topics related to immunization.



Lesson Plans

Lesson plans help teachers use the History of Vaccines in the classroom and teach specific standards-based topics: the scientific method, the immune system and how vaccines interact with it, and viral evolution. The first lesson plan below provides a broad overview of using the website in one or two class periods. The other lesson plans offer in-depth explorations of particular topics and website areas.


History of Vaccines Standards Correlation

The following national science, health, and technology standards apply to History of Vaccines learning resources.

History of Vaccines Correlating Standards (PDF)

History of Vaccines Book

HoV Book

The History of Vaccines is a 52-page book covering the birth of vaccination in the late 1700s, the influences of the bacteriological revolution of the late 1800s, and the flourishing of vaccinology into the 21st century. The book is colorful and visually engaging, with more than 40 illustrations, photographs, and charts. The book is targeted to teenagers and high school science, health, and history classes. It includes correlations to national education standards. Books are available for purchase from for $9.99. For bulk orders, email [email protected]