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Black History Month: Loney Clinton Gordon Contributes to the Development of the Vaccine Against Whooping Cough

February 10, 2019

Loney Clinton Gordon was born in Arkansas in 1915. After moving to Michigan as a young girl, Ms. Gordon attended Michigan State College and earned a bachelor’s degree in home economics and chemistry in 1939. In 1944, after a short stint trying to be a dietitian, Ms. Gordon found her place at the Michigan Department of Health’s Grand Rapids laboratory. A short time after that, she worked with Pearl Kendrick and Grace Eldering (two female doctors) at the Western Michigan Laboratories.

Predictions for 2027 at the Annual Conference for Vaccine Research

April 24, 2017

Stanley A. Plotkin, MD
Stanley A. Plotkin, MD

Women's History Month: Pittman and Kendrick

March 30, 2017

Margaret Pittman working in lab
Margaret Pittman, courtesy US FDA

With Women’s History Month coming to an end, intern Carley Roche recognizes two influential female researchers whose work has saved countless lives.

NFID Conference: Challenges of Maternal Immunization

April 24, 2013

Source: CDC.govDay 2 of the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases Annual Conference on Vaccine Research included a focus on maternal immunization. Carol J.

ACIP Makes New Tdap and Meningococcal Vaccine Recommendations

October 26, 2012

Today's blog post is by Andreas Bollmann, MD, PhD, FAAP, a Philadelphia-area pediatrician and History of Vaccines advisor.

Pertussis Epidemic in Washington State

May 15, 2012

Copyright Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc. B.</p>

Recommendations on Pertussis (Whooping Cough) Vaccination for Adolescents and Adults

June 1, 2010

Scanning electron microscope image of Bordetella pertussis. Copyright Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc.*Update* -- Note that the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices voted on October 27, 2010, for new recommendations regarding Tdap vaccination.

NFID Vaccine Research Conference: Challenges in Immunization Policy

April 29, 2014

Bordetella pertussis, CDCA Monday afternoon session at the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases Annual Conference on Vaccine Research was entitled “Current Challenges in Immunization Policy.” The topics ranged from vaccine hesitancy, effectiveness of acellular pertussis vaccine, and the burden of adverse events from rotavirus vaccination.

Notes from Vaccine Update Webinar with Paul Offit, MD

March 14, 2013

On March 13, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Vaccine Education Center sponsored a vaccine update webinar with Paul A. Offit, MD, as the speaker and moderator. Dr. Offit discussed items in the news related to vaccines as well as decisions taken at recent Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) meetings in Atlanta.