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The Side-Benefits of Vaccination on Type I Diabetes

January 28, 2019

Since Doctor Edward Jenner first inoculated James Phipps back in the late 1700s, the primary purpose of vaccines has been to prevent the diseases for which they are intended. However, as the effects of the vaccines became known and more epidemiological studies were done on the populations receiving those vaccines, beneficial side-effects of vaccines became better understood.

Dr. Paul Offit Spoke About His New Book at the National Press Club in Washington, DC

October 30, 2018

On Monday night (October 29, 2018), I had the privilege to drive down to Washington, DC, and listen to Dr. Paul Offit talk about his new book, Bad Advice.

Predictions for 2027 at the Annual Conference for Vaccine Research

April 24, 2017

Stanley A. Plotkin, MD
Stanley A. Plotkin, MD

NFID Vaccine Research Conference: Challenges in Immunization Policy

April 29, 2014

Bordetella pertussis, CDCA Monday afternoon session at the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases Annual Conference on Vaccine Research was entitled “Current Challenges in Immunization Policy.” The topics ranged from vaccine hesitancy, effectiveness of acellular pertussis vaccine, and the burden of adverse events from rotavirus vaccination.