About This Project

Why did The College of Physicians of Philadelphia create this site?

As one of the oldest medical societies in the United States, the College has a long, distinguished history in infectious diseases research, prevention, and control. Many of its Fellows have been involved in developing landmark vaccines. Moreover, the holdings of the College’s Historical Medical Library and Mütter Museum provide unique resources that illuminate the history of vaccination.

The College sees the opportunity to inform and educate the public about the history of vaccination as part of its general mission “to advance the cause of health while upholding the ideals and heritage of medicine."

See our About page for more information about the History of Vaccines and The College of Physicians of Philadelphia. 

Is there a physical History of Vaccines exhibit?

No, the History of Vaccines exists as an online project only. The Mütter Museum, another program of The College of Physicians, exhibits many items associated with vaccination. 

Who funds your site? Do funders have any control over the content on your site?

A combination of grants from foundations and donations from corporations funds this site. Funders have no editorial control over the History of Vaccines. An Editorial Advisory Board reviews content. See the About page for a list of Editorial Advisory Board members and their affiliations. 

May I use images from the History of Vaccines?

That depends. The College of Physicians of Philadelphia holds the copyright to images of items in its collection. When an image is copyright of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia, you may use it only for private educational/noncommercial use. However, for any use of an image that involves a commercial activity or broadcast or alteration of the original image, you must first request approval from The College of Physicians of Philadelphia. See the College’s Imaging Services information.

When an image on History of Vaccines is from another party, you must inquire about use of that image from that party. 

If you are a member of the media and want to use an image for an article, contact us via the Media link.

Can I sign up for email notifications from you?

Yes. We invite you to join our email list.

Is History of Vaccines on Facebook or Twitter?

The History of Vaccines is on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HistoryVaccines/. You can also follow History of Vaccines on Twitter @historyvaccines and on Instagram @historyvaccines.

About Vaccination

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